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Lead Generation
Appointment Setting

Is a process of attracting and converting prospects into leads.  The results are to inform potential customers of your business/products and get them on the path to eventually buy from you.  The personal touch is the best way to build an effective lead.  Mailers and emails have some success, however the best success will come from a conversation with the prospect or customer, engage them, and build a relationship.  Courtesy calls, remember it costs 4-5X more to obtain a new customer than to retain an exisiting one, so reach out to your current customer base from time to time.  Lead Generation is not only the process of aquiring new customers or prospects but retaining the ones you currently have.  Our specialists are trained and waiting to assist your company.

B2B appointment setting campaign, allows us to do your leg work.  Our trained agents will put your sales force in front of qualified and interested prospects.  Using our telesales services, will simply cut your prospecting costs and increase your sales teams productivity.  

Cold calling needs a particular temperment; reduce customer annoyance by employing experienced cold callers who are sensitive but highly persuasive.   Remove travel expenses by having a telephone-based sales team. A professionally trained telesales team increases your conversion rates while decreasing your costs per sale. Leave customers with a professional impression of your company.   

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